TEVANA is a Sanskrit word which literally translates to 'Garden of Joy'. As the name suggests, TEVANA AYURVEDA is one of those places you dream about going - to feel healed, nurtured, held, and cared for. A place to discover the True You. At TEVANA you will witness Ayurveda in a different light. Situated in a calm lush green environment, the centre provides treatments and therapies based on traditional and authentic Ayurvedic methods that are intended for both healthy persons and persons whose health is in decline.

We believe in providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using natural methods that are chemical-free and allow the client to take responsibility for their health. Our Ayurvedic medicines, therapies, expert physicians and soul-stirring masseurs will lift your mind, body and soul to a never-experienced state of health and peace.

Services & Treatments

tevana ayurveda


Panchakarma or Five Actions, is an integral part of Ayurveda, which helps achieve a balanced state of body, mind and consciousness through detoxification and rejuvenation. Panchakarma eliminates toxins from your body

tevana ayurveda

Sports Medicine

The traditional system of Ayurveda that includes marma therapy and kalari chikitsa is very much correlated with sports medicine. We at TEVANA offer orientation about sports injuries and gives awareness about preventive Ayurvedic

tevana ayurveda

Rehabilitation & Rejuvenation

Mental or physical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and drug addictions are generally complex and unpredictable experiences requiring more than just a therapeutic or psychological approach

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda (आयुर्वेदः) is the oldest medical system known to humankind, the root of all latter medical practices and systems. It literally means ‘The Science of Life’. From its ancient origins in India, Ayurveda has now spread all over the world. Its teaching uses a blend of herbal medicine, massage, nutrition, spiritual insight, practical experience, scientific analysis, and artistic creativity to guide us to a balanced fulfilled lifestyle.

The ultimate goal of every Ayurveda modality is to restore balance to the level of biological intelligence in the body and allow the free flow of communication and circulation. Ayurveda is a 'way of life' and describes methods for promotion, prolongation and maintenance of positive health.

Special Features

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are integral part of Ayurvedic curriculum. The scope of Yoga and meditation is vast – there is always something to be offered to everyone, on every stage of the life.

Organic Farming

What we eat is what decides how healthy we live. In today’s world we eat all unhealthy food and even the so called healthy vegan food are produced using dangerous toxic chemicals


Growing beautiful plants and large lawns are the most common methods of beautifying ones private gardens. But it is a totally different feeling when you have large oxygen producing

Slow cooking

In the present world we cook for the tongue forgetting the stomach. Slow cooking is the process where we are cooking for the stomach, thus helping the stomach for maintaining its functions

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Meet the TEVANA Team

Dr. Mohandas Kottakkal (BAM)

Dr. Yadav K Mohan (BAMS, PGDSR, DMMS)
Chief Physician

Dr. Kavya Nechiyil (BAMS , MD(Ayu.)

Akshay Dileep (PGDFWM)
Calisthenics Mentor

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